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Fragrance Stories

Backcountry Bourbon

Take yourself back to those easy conversations with friends. Swirl, sip, and savor the sounds of laughter and the crackle of campfire as the smell of wood smoke mingles with warm maple, wild honey and pops with sweet cinnamon and toasted pecan.

Top notes: Maple Syrup, Southern Pecans, Allspice
Middle notes: Butterscotch, Heavy Cream, Aged Bourbon
Bottom notes: Oak Barrel, Smoked Amber, Redwood

Campfire Coffee

Remember when you were the first one up? You can almost hear the clatter and hiss of the camp stove, water boiling for that first cup of coffee. Take a deep breath of the sharp and comforting freshly-ground espresso beans and southern chicory steeping with a velvety cloud of milk and sugar readying you for the day.

Top notes: Buttercream, Espresso, Hazelnut
Middle notes: Pecan Wood, Frothed Milk, Spun Sugar
Bottom notes: Marshmallow, Smoked Birch, Chestnut

Early Morning Hike

Breathe in, eyes closed, arms stretched skyward and you’re there. The dew-wet pine needles are soft beneath your boots at the trailhead. The sunrise rays begin to warm and release the aroma of the dawn forest - earthy loam, cedar, balsam, fir and oak dappled with sunlit citrus.

Top notes: Citrus, Pine, Green Apple
Middle notes: Balsam, Fir, Wild Grass
Bottom notes: Cedar Tips, Mahogany, Amber Wood

Hickory Spice

Open up that cabin door. The scent of aged hickory and golden oak is as intricate as the wood grain on the old floorboards. Ground cinnamon, sugar and vanilla twine with other spices unlocking a wave of memories – squeals of delight from the lake, baked goodies cooling in the kitchen and the solace of that special place.

Top notes: Raw Coconut, Sugar Cane, Tahitian Vanilla
Middle notes: Tonka Bean, Baking Spices, Golden Oak
Bottom notes: Clove Leaf, Charred Hickory, Cinnamon Bark

Night Sky

All at once you’re out there again. It’s a moonless night far from the lights and sounds of the bustling world.  Looking up you see stars beyond stars. You inhale the vast blanket of smooth amber and soft suede, the twinkle of jasmine and citrus, the grounding of earthy sage and soothing thyme.

Top notes: Mandarin Zest, White Sage, Bergamot Peel
Middle notes: Thyme, Jasmine Flower, Amber
Bottom notes: Juniper Berries, Brushed Suede, Cedarleaf

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